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Mercury Media is a progressive web and graphic design firm serving candidates, nonprofits, coalitions, and businesses. If you need a new website and want to work with a firm that shares your values, get in touch today.

Dylan is a communications superstar who wore many hats for the Louisiana Budget Project - webmaster, graphic designer, lobbyist, digital strategist, communications consultant - all of them well. He has a rare ability to translate complex policy issues into everyday language, and a keen command of all the digital tools that can transform a good idea into a movement for change.
— Jan Moller, Executive Director of Louisiana Budget Project

Our Services

Mercury Media offers communications solutions for progressives who want to change the world. We offer design and communications services, including digital media planning and management, graphic design, web design, and more. Our clients are political candidates, nonprofits, coalitions, and businesses.


Digital advertising

We know how to put advertisements in front of the exact right people at the exact right time. Digital advertising has come a long way from the days of paying for Google AdWords and crossing your fingers that it works. Now, it’s easier and more affordable than ever for us to deliver ads to your target audience.


Your website is often the first interaction you have with a potential client or member of your target audience. We can ensure their first impression of your business or nonprofit is a great one.


Our graphic design services include report layouts, graphics optimized for social media, print materials, logo design, and branding kits. If your brand is starting to feel dated, get in touch to schedule a design consultation. 


It can be difficult to build and maintain an active, consistent, and engaging social media presence, but the value of social media to your business or cause can't be understated. We offer trainings, tools, and long-term social media management.