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Submit your resumé for political communications and advocacy opportunities

Mercury Media’s Louisiana-based clients are often searching for energetic, early-career young professionals who are interested in paid opportunities to build experience in a number of areas:

  • social media

  • graphic design

  • public relations

  • fundraising

  • issue campaigns

  • legislative advocacy and lobbying

  • political campaigns

If you’re 25 or younger and looking for a way to get started in progressive advocacy and/or politics, please submit your resumé to, so that we can put your name forward when these kinds of opportunities arise.

If you don’t have a resumé, or you have one but it doesn’t quite communicate what your passions are within advocacy/politics, feel free to submit a personal narrative instead that explains what you’re looking for and why you’re invested in working in the progressive movement.

In your email, be sure to specify what kind of work you want to pursue, whether you are specifically looking to get started in one of the areas listed above, or whether there are specific issue areas in progressive advocacy that excite you. And don’t forget contact information!

Dylan Waguespack