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2019 Survey

Survey of la lawmakers on lgbtq issues

This is a survey for current members of the Louisiana State Legislature. We hope to hear from legislators from both chambers and both parties on their perception of legislative efforts to protect LGBTQ people from discrimination in Louisiana. This survey is name-optional, and should only take around five minutes of your time. If there are points you’d like to follow up on, please do include your name, or feel free to email the survey author, principal of Mercury Media, Dylan Waguespack, at Otherwise, we hope that you will feel free to share your feedback.

Do you support civil rights protections from discrimination against lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people in Louisiana in schools, public employment, private employment, and public accomodations? *
Please choose one.
If you do support these protections, has a close friend or family member who is LGBTQ been a significant factor in shaping your position on these issues?
If you do support these protections, have stories of anti-LGBTQ discrimination and/or statistics on anti-LGBTQ discrimination been a significant factor in shaping your position on these issues?
If you answered "maybe," does your support hinge on reasonable accommodations and/or exemptions for religiously-affiliated organizations, associations, and institutions of learning?
If you do not support these protections, what is/are the most significant factor(s) shaping your position?
Check as many as apply.
We’ve received comments from legislators over the past few years that they support LGBTQ people who are their friends and family and understand that LGBTQ status is innate and determined before birth, but are reticent to translate that support to votes and/or sponsorship of legislation. We appreciate that position and hope to determine what, if any, factors you feel would give you the freedom to vote in support of LGBTQ people:
Are you open to meeting a transgender constituent to learn more about transgender people and the issues they face? *
Would clarity on the meaning of the terms gender identity or transgender status be helpful to you in determining your position on these issues? *
Remember: this is a name-optional survey. Please feel free to leave this question blank.